About (AKA Why?)

"More exciting than a cow pie!"

This is the equivalent of what most of us call a "theme park."

What’s this all about?  I suppose I’ll let you determine that.  Ostensibly I created this blog to document my trek from New Smyrna Beach, Florida, 1500 miles to Clovis, New Mexico.

Why one would leave central Florida, an outstanding career, and a slew of friends and family to head to the outskirts of New Mexico–bordering on Texas– that seems to be home largely to cows and dust seems remarkably less clear.  The answer has something to do with the quasi-nebulous notion of love and my paradoxical desire to remain on the cusp of something new and exciting, despite my innate fear of the unknown and change in general.  Makes sense, right? (If not, let’s just go with the simplified, “My boyfriend is there and I love him” reason).

Regardless of my reasons for moving, my reason for writing should be clear enough; hopefully I can make some of you laugh as I am sure the potential for disaster–and thus hilarity as well– is at an all time high when you put my mother, my hairy crackhead dog, and myself in a truck as we attempt to haul all my crap and my two horses 1500 miles in three days.  Oh, the possibilities are endless indeed.  And perhaps through it all I–and thus you as well–may learn something; even if it’s just that feeding your Aussie a bean burrito during a long truck ride is a bad plan.

So, should you feel inclined, read on and be enlightened. *Or just make snarky comments about how glad you are that you weren’t roped into this little adventure.

~If you were actually looking for something “About Me” feel free to visit that section of my other blog HERE; not that it really says a whole lot that’s useful.

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