The Crew

Generally, every adventure starts out with an interesting (or just ineptly naive) crew of  thrill seekers ready to take on anything they may encounter on their epic journey. Of course sometimes it just starts out with a group of people dumb enough to voluntarily get into a vehicle together.  Ours may be of the latter sort, but regardless introductions seem appropriate.

As I am the most important (or more honestly, merely the cause of these shenanigans), we shall start with me:

Look at me there, being a BA.  I am the impetus for this “mission.” The consummate thrill seeker indeed (who, incidentally, hasn’t ridden that bike in over 2 months but did get to watch her neighbor ride it up a 2″X8″ plank to load it into her trailer at 45mph…I now know what the beginnings of a stroke feel like).

She does get awfully excited about turkey...

Though I may be the source (read: blame) for all of this, I’m not nearly as interesting as my Mom, lead navigator (who shall thus henceforth be blamed for any and all navigational faux pas, as well as anything I can even remotely attach to said role).  As you can clearly note from this highly characteristic photo, my Mom just oozes enthusiasm.  There’s nothing she’s not ready and willing to tackle (and possibly dismember in order to brandish its limbs about festively).  It’s this sort of fortitude and her incredibly rational demeanor that make her perfect as the lead navigator (or possibly the bitch who will usurp my role, insist on driving, and go no faster than 50 mph).

Mom loves adventures with me!

Here, to the right, we see her on one of our last excellent adventures. Note the inquisitive look on her face as she examines this piece of artwork.  Clearly she is thoroughly enjoying our time together.  I know she’s barely able to contain her joy about this 1500 miles of bliss we’re about to embark upon.

Next we have Hobbes; also known as “The Hobbit,” “Hobgoblin,” and “Jackass” (endearingly of course).  He was hand selected as a small pup for his menacing appearance and obviously keen intellect (see the photo below).

It's easy to be happy when you remain clueless.

As such, Hobbes is our acting head of security.  Though it is unlikely that his fighting prowess will ever come to good use (assuming of course that he has it), we can at least claim to have built in security measures.  Normally Hobbes works with me as the co-pilot/navigator, but with Mom along for the ride he’s been booted to the back– something he’s still relatively disgruntled about since he can’t jam his big nose right into the air vent or lick the straw in my drink the way he likes.  To make him feel a little better we’ve also granted him the position of  head mechanic; being a tool he understands them well enough.  And beyond that, should anything truly significant happen our lazy asses will likely call AAA while fluff-butt sits around scratching his ass (true to form).

Those are the eyes of a killer. Fighting prowess indeed.

Here, below, we have Woody.


He is one of the beasties forced to ride in the big metal box.  He’s not amused by this as he considers himself a person, but limited seating has given me little choice.  Woody enjoys eating fungus, biting Puppy, and drinking orange Gatorade with a hint of vodka (I shit you not).

Last, and most certainly an afterthought, we have Puppy.  Yes, the big yellow horse is named “Puppy.”  No, I did not do that as I find little amusement in calling one critter by the species name of another.  Puppy is head of horse shit and all things of an annoying nature.  As the youngest member of our crew (a whopping 4 years old as of Sunday), we anticipate that he will be quite talented with regards to presenting us with new and unique challenges and dilemmas.  It is thus Puppy’s responsibility to keep things interesting.

We call him the Barbie horse for a reason.

  1. June 17, 2010 at 11:41 am

    If by Hobbes being security you mean he will jump up and lick people to death then you are right on! Also, he may step on the feet of a robber or hit them between the eyes with a turdball…

  2. Stephanie
    June 18, 2010 at 4:48 pm

    Love the pic of mom and Woody ( I took it) but am highly disappointed that Woody did not warrant than a few measely lines.

  3. Debby
    June 20, 2010 at 11:51 pm

    Are you there yet??? I just spent the weekend working the dressage show….one would think that I would be able to watch some of the spectacular horses performing but NO!!! It was me and the adding machine, calculating away!
    I love the pics of the chief “navigator” (especially with the turkey leg, quite threatening…..more so than Hobbs!). ; )

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